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Yearly Drive
posted by ShankatsuForte, 2015-08-31

We're holding our yearly donation drive for the server on both sites, the last couple years all of the donations have come from Violet, so I'm hoping this year Deadfrog will pitch in, if you'd like to donate, please e-mail me, at meepers.meep with the rest being the usual atgmail.com (seperated for spam purposes), to discuss the details. Our goal is 350 euro which will take care of the server and bring us another year of /df/ and violet.

Any and all help is appreciated, as always, if you can help, thank you, and if not, don't sweat it. We have until Sep 26th, but the sooner we get it taken care of the better. If the donation drive fails I will try to get both sites moved to newer hosting, but I can't promise anything.


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For a series of uploads, such as releases of an anime or manga series, then post it here (as long as it's not porn or licensed)
225 [YYDM-11FANS][Boku_wa_Tomodach…
NEW! Cute and sexy girls with modesty
20 [DVDISO][アニメ][141118] Nozo x K…
Anime, cosplay videos, or you running around saying 'food no jutsu', if its video and not explicit, post it here.
113 [ddhentaiesp] A Kite [BD]
Manga scans that do not fall into the specific categories (yaoi, hentai, etc) goes here.
665 Shintaro Kago - The 'Can an Ac…
Japanese music, anime soundtracks, audio of your mom crying at the end of fullmetal alchemist, etc...
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Japanese Strong-style, NJPW, AJPW, NOAH, if it's the best around, and no one's going to keep it down, it goes here.
Anime or japanese games.
116 [HENTAI GAME] [しょく] 少女神エミリー
Other Crap
As long as it isn't porn, then post it here
10 Paragon.Total.Defrag.v2010.871…
zOMG its not Anime!!1
Not anime, but anime culture related stuff, such as /b/ threads or pictures of cheese.. As long as it's not porn :)
7 Turn S01E06 HDTV x264-KILLERS
18+/porn sections
Hentai doujins and Manga
5400 Biribiri Official Torrent v4
Hentai videos
9771 Tali - Cosmic sex 3D
Hentai games
2689 Love Koneko Direi - Miumiu 2 E…
HCG and Images
1993 Finalixer's Ninpu Gallery XV
Erotic audio
175 [H-Voice] [150105] [うつつゆめ] 放課後…
Anime art with a focus on younger females
293 (成年コミック) [MOLOKONOMI] しちゃヤダよ2
Anime art with a focus on younger male characters
49 [3D Video] Treasure Pleasure
Anime art with a focus on dudes.. Swords not included
8 Free! Yaoi - Manatsu no Yoru Y…
Anime art with a focus on females
16 1000Giri 150821 - Cosplay bunn…
Whether it's furry, guro, or anything that doesn't have a specific category (including real porn), put it here. Porn is goooood.
5060 zipang 9777 神奈川県Y市 栄養士 あい 21歳 …
Not porn
Stuff that isn't porn, but still not quite suitable for minors
13 Green Fire (1954) movie Stewar…
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