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posted by ShankatsuForte, 2015-09-30

We've raised about 150 on the Violet side, and it seems like it's about tapped out over there, so if you guys would like to consider donating to keep deadfrog alive, e-mail me at meepers.meep at gmail dot com , we only have a few more days, so any help is appreciated, and thank you.

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Clean categories
For a series of uploads, such as releases of an anime or manga series, then post it here (as long as it's not porn or licensed)
105 [youshikibi] Naruto Shippuden …
NEW! Cute and sexy girls with modesty
6 [DVDISO][アニメ][141118] Nozo x K…
Anime, cosplay videos, or you running around saying 'food no jutsu', if its video and not explicit, post it here.
65 [youshikibi] SCANDAL ARENA TOU…
Manga scans that do not fall into the specific categories (yaoi, hentai, etc) goes here.
18 Shintaro Kago - The 'Can an Ac…
Japanese music, anime soundtracks, audio of your mom crying at the end of fullmetal alchemist, etc...
114 [youshikibi] Wagakki Band(和楽器バ…
Japanese Strong-style, NJPW, AJPW, NOAH, if it's the best around, and no one's going to keep it down, it goes here.
Anime or japanese games.
50 [HENTAI GAME] [しょく] 少女神エミリー
Other Crap
As long as it isn't porn, then post it here
2 yoshitoshi ABe Torrent 2007
zOMG its not Anime!!1
Not anime, but anime culture related stuff, such as /b/ threads or pictures of cheese.. As long as it's not porn :)
2 Turn S01E06 HDTV x264-KILLERS
18+/porn sections
Hentai doujins and Manga
496 Tadanohito Final Collection
Hentai videos
4360 [130927][Queen Bee]OVAたゆたゆ #1…
Hentai games
382 [010223-130222][アトリエかぐや Ateli…
HCG and Images
331 Finalixer's Ninpu Gallery XV
Erotic audio
Anime art with a focus on younger females
136 (成年コミック) [こけこっこ★こま] ちるるぷれ
Anime art with a focus on younger male characters
29 [3D Video] Treasure Pleasure
Anime art with a focus on dudes.. Swords not included
2 Kinbaku Ouji
Anime art with a focus on females
8 JAV uncensored [LAF32] LaForet…
Whether it's furry, guro, or anything that doesn't have a specific category (including real porn), put it here. Porn is goooood.
867 [JIRO-001] Samenjiro 01: Uta …
Not porn
Stuff that isn't porn, but still not quite suitable for minors
4 Mad Max Fury Road - Comic-Con …
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