Cocoa Soft compilation
Description **TWO UPDATED VIDEOS**
[No more shit vids.]
[Constantly updated, re-download the .torrent file for new vids.]

This is a collection of all the videos that I've managed to collect from, the fetish production studio. Much of the content is very specifically tuned towards niche fetishes, including encasement, WAM, masking, breathplay, bondage, rubber and vacuumbeds.

Videos included in this torrent are:

Vacuumbag: CNI-001, CNI-002, CNI-003, CNI-004, CNI-005d, CNI-006 (incomplete), CNI-007
Breathplay: COBC-003a, COBC-004c
Gold Painting: COGO-002
Mummification: COMA-002, COMA-003, COMA-004, COMA-007, COMA-007b, COMA-008, COMA-009d, COMA-010d, CIK-005,
CIK-006, CIK-007
Vacuumbed: CVB-001, CVB-002, CVB-004a, CVB-004b, CVB-006b, CVB-007

Real Mask: CORM-001
Mud Girls: CMG-001, CMG-002, CMG-003, CMG-004, CMG-005, CMG-006ad, CMG-006d
Marshmallow Creme: CMA-001
Sticky: COST-001d, COSK-001d, COSK-001od
School Rubber: COSR-001

Sand Burial: COSN-001d, COSN-001e, COSN-001f
Parafin Wax: COPA-001
Starch Bath: COSB-001
Alginate: COAL-001a, COAL-001b, COAL-001c
Wheat Flour Bath: CKO-001

Chocolate: CCT-001
Inflatable Ball: COIB-001
Rubber Mask: CORD-001e
Vomit Play: COGE-001
Hanging: COHG-001d

Semen Lotion: CZA-004d
Color: CCO-008
Air Conditioning: COAC-001d

[Edit: Added new videos: Color 8 and Air Conditioning 1. Air Con was made available by Kathi.]

Also included are preview videos for other Cocoa Soft releases that used to be available on the site, that have since been taken down. They range from Underwater play to various kinds of Encasement and WAM.

The vacuum bag and breathplay videos involve extreme breathplay, but the girls are fine. Note that these vids are likely disturbing and are not recommended for those without a strong constitution.
Submitted by suichiro
Date Added Dec. 6, 2007
3.9/5 (14 votes)
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Cocoa Soft - cvb-004a.wmv 92.5 MB
Cocoa Soft - cvb-002.wmv 367.2 MB
Cocoa Soft - cvb-001.wmv 204.2 MB
Cocoa Soft - cost-001d.avi 783.5 MB
Cocoa Soft - cosr-001.wmv 412.6 MB
Cocoa Soft - cosn-001f.avi 151.0 MB
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# Name Comment
1 toothaction
2008-08-12 12:01:29
Slow in arriving but o so compelling.
2 Anonymous
2008-08-13 22:44:20
Thanks :)
3 Anonymous
2008-09-01 21:51:15
Can we get this torrent updated again with the newest stuff?
4 Palios101
2008-09-09 13:56:43
Could the uploader re-up this with more seeds :(...
5 angelcharm
2008-09-12 07:49:14
how do u download the videos?
6 Anonymous
2008-09-17 17:01:14
Thank you very much.
7 Anonymous
2008-09-24 23:57:29
Something's wrong. The torrent periodically stalls, saying "Error: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process." What gives?
8 Anonymous
2008-10-03 19:12:10
You may be running two instances of the torrent program. if that's not the case, then i'm not sure.
9 Anonymous
2008-10-06 16:16:49
As expected of cocoasoft :), can we get an update of the newest stuff, thx for the torrent file.
10 Anonymous
2008-11-10 10:44:44
great download, is there any chance that you have the full version of cbi-001.wmv, that video in its entirity would be amazing to watch.
11 Anonymous
2009-01-17 04:41:20
Great stuff, thanks a lot!!! Update appreciated :-)
12 Anonymous
2009-01-31 10:13:25
Hope for another update soon with the real mask series. Many thanks!
13 Anonymous
2009-03-15 22:36:30
You've missed the 5th video of the vacuumbed series
14 Anonymous
2009-03-19 11:27:37
Awesome update, just wanted to ask...
Will the other Sticky video, cosk-001/d, be available in the future?

Either way, thank you again for uploading all these gems!
15 Anonymous
2009-04-07 11:08:32
I would love to get the CBR-001 Video or some Vids with those Vacuum-Mask´s. Can sombody help with this?
16 james_ktse
2009-04-13 02:29:57
Think you very much!!!!
I fxxking like then'em all!!!!
17 Anonymous
2009-04-23 10:59:14
Please post the torrent link up again.

We appreciate the hard work you have done.
18 Anonymous
2009-06-21 18:41:46
Thank you.
19 Anonymous
2009-06-22 15:28:08
Thank you so much for posting the torrent again.
20 Anonymous
2009-06-23 01:37:50
Thanks suichiro, you're a bloody legend mate!

- Anubis.
21 Anonymous
2009-06-30 03:43:04
If only I could download it, I would seed it too..
22 Anonymous
2009-07-03 00:19:06
thank you so much
23 Anonymous
2009-07-08 19:55:48
Wow, this is aweseom
24 rye bread
2009-07-19 00:41:03
Wow! Thank you SO much for this! I ADORE cocoa-soft, and finding it can be a pain, so this is great.

I'll seed for a LONG time after I get it downloaded.
25 Anonymous
2009-07-25 07:00:07
Thanks. Hope you will keep updating.
26 Anonymous
2009-08-09 01:04:06
10kb/s lool so much for the seeding but ill help seed on my 100mb line :p now give me it ! ! ! lmao
looks goos ty dude cant wait :p going to be 30 weeks before i get it lool
27 Anonymous
2009-08-18 11:49:18
Wow, you updated? Sweet. I'll be sure to seed.
28 Anonymous
2009-08-18 13:53:43
Shitballs, COIB-001 is hot!
29 Anonymous
2009-09-13 11:54:25
Heh, the one file I've been after for so long from that site (coma-oo9) seems to tbe the only one nobody can get ahold of, oh well :) Thanks for the files, greatly appreciated.
30 suichiro
2009-09-29 18:24:27
COMA-009 is now in the torrent. You're welcome.
31 Anonymous
2009-10-04 08:33:48
i just bought cdm-002d, the facial bondage/age regression one, and i'd like to find a way to add it to the torrent if anyone wants it and if it could be arranged. i'd also like to get my hands on cbu-001d and the anime mask videos, but the prices are awfully steep for the length.
32 suichiro
2009-10-05 02:44:56
If you post it somewhere that I can get it, I'll add it to the torrent. I tend to not update the torrent until I have around 3 more videos to add, due to ruining the old seeder ratio and having to reseed a 16+ gig torrent myself again. But if I can get it, I'll add it in.
33 spir7u
2009-10-05 20:43:09
if i put it up on mediafire, could i just post the link in these comments, or would you rather give me an email address to send it to?
34 suichiro
2009-10-06 19:20:53
I prefer not to give out my email in a public place. If you can post a link to it here, then I can grab it and I'm sure other people would appreciate it as well.
35 Anonymous
2009-10-07 08:20:28
why can't I log in the tracker server? Because I'm in China? They block the Internet or something?
36 Anonymous
2009-10-08 19:04:43
Wow, great stuff! I'd really like to see the coac-001d (the newest breath control posting)
37 suichiro
2009-10-08 19:53:52
So would I.
38 Anonymous
2009-10-13 14:34:59
39 Anonymous
2009-10-21 13:30:55
WOW! It's awesome! Thank you very much. Have you found movies made by director Hiroshi? It takes one section of download and movies' names are started with "cohi". I wandered about google, torrent sites and even ShareDB to get one of those, but I could't. If you were find, would you share it?
40 Anonymous
2009-10-23 11:38:09
Thank you very much suichiro.
I looking for a long time for this vids.
Now i found it.
You make a great job
41 Anonymous
2009-11-07 03:42:13
Thanks very much! Hope you can go on this work~!
42 Anonymous
2009-11-07 03:42:50
I'd really like to see the coac-001d,too!
43 Anonymous
2009-11-16 09:02:18
Hallo suichiro
have you see the new cocoa vid it calls cni-008.
Thank you for yor great job.
44 johann
2009-11-17 11:34:14
How can I download the files? There is no possibilty to click at: Cocoa Soft - cza-004d.avi 433.0 MB
Cocoa Soft - cvb-007.wmv 369.3 MB
Cocoa Soft - cvb-006b.wmv 102.9 MB
Cocoa Soft - cvb-004b.wmv 135.5 MB
Cocoa Soft - cvb-004a.wmv 92.5 MB
Cocoa Soft - cvb-002.wmv 367.2 MB
Cocoa Soft - cvb-001.wmv 204.2 MB
Cocoa Soft - cost-001d.avi 783.5 MB
Cocoa Soft - cosr-001.wmv 412.6 MB
Cocoa Soft - cosn-001f.avi 151.0 MB

Thanks for your help!
45 Anonymous
2009-11-19 00:32:19
Johann, you have to download and install Bit Torrent, and then click on the "download" button on this page and then use the program to pick which vids you want.
46 Anonymous
2009-11-19 22:31:42
Why remove the Cow Shit videos? It was obviously just mud and they were quite good.
47 suichiro
2009-11-22 02:41:33
Blame the shit community members.
48 Anonymous
2009-11-23 12:52:33
someone have video coco-001
49 Anonymous
2009-11-24 22:43:49
why did you remove the cocw movies?
50 Anonymous
2009-11-27 03:28:02
Hello suichiro

thank you for the new vids
outstanding work

51 Anonymous
2009-11-27 16:18:14
Thank you you are the man!!!
52 Anonymous
2009-11-27 21:32:01
thank you for coac
53 Anonymous
2009-11-30 01:45:28
54 Anonymous
2009-12-03 02:41:16
Thanks for the updates. :D
55 Anonymous
2009-12-06 13:52:24
is there anywhere i can get the cow shit ones for free
i know somebody has them and i am desperate to see volume 2 please reply someone
56 Anonymous
2009-12-13 08:51:20
Thx for all the files, it's been great.
all I want now is the White eye series especially White eye 003
57 Anonymous
2009-12-16 14:39:27
Thanks for always updating the great CocoaSoft videos! (:
But can i check with you, is there a problem with the sound for the AIR-CONDITIONING VIDEO? Cuz' the sounds kinda' corrupted when it goes to the Saran Wrap part till the end. Any idea whats the cause? Or was it like this alrd? (:
58 orovin
2009-12-24 07:45:18
suichiro is lord
59 Anonymous
2009-12-29 00:38:48
Might I suggest coco-002d?

It too has vac-bed and breath control in it.
60 Anonymous
2009-12-29 20:49:12
Holy hot damn... this is my holy grail... I'm a bit late to the game so I hope there are enough seeds left for the dl... thanks so much uploader.. I can die happy :D
61 Anonymous
2010-01-23 06:35:00
The rubber girl series is hot
62 Anonymous
2010-02-03 08:45:39
waiting for coma12
63 Anonymous
2010-02-12 00:30:31
Waitinf for coma12 and copa02
64 Anonymous
2010-02-13 21:53:56
coma-12 pls/!
65 Anonymous
2010-02-23 23:24:05
Can you get coma-11? thanks!
66 Anonymous
2010-03-08 01:11:44
Thank for every seeder and keep seeds!!!
67 Anonymous
2010-03-19 15:03:43
Hello suichiro

please distroy the post bevor.
I think it is forbidden.

68 Anonymous
2010-03-29 02:28:21
can you get cosl-007 and cogo-003 upload
69 Anonymous
2010-04-03 11:10:18
pleas add the Face Tank vids
70 Anonymous
2010-04-20 11:42:04
Great job man! Please also add the second paraffin wax movie (COPA-002). Thanks
71 Anonymous
2010-04-25 16:35:29
WoW, cant wait to see COAC-02, which is the air conditioning 02.
72 Anonymous
2010-05-24 18:53:04
im curious if there will be more updates, it seems a while ago.
73 Anonymous
2010-05-26 13:58:56
Do we have more body paint? Like White paint or black paint and other ones aswell other than gold?
74 Anonymous
2010-05-27 20:18:49
I noticed that one of the pictures is from coma-006, but it isn't included, why?
75 Anonymous
2010-05-31 19:01:40
You still have the two cow shit videos in the torrent by the way. There Cocoa Soft - cocw-003d.divx Cocoa Soft - cocw-002d.divx as long as I recall correctly. It's been a little while since I downloaded this last so maybe I'm wrong and their finally out.
76 Anonymous
2010-07-11 20:55:32
Hey guys I'm having trouble downloading. Could any of you send me just the Hanging video to Thanks
77 Anonymous
2010-07-15 05:16:27
Can you add cogo-03? ty
78 Anonymous
2010-07-22 08:08:46
Are there any updates coming?
79 Anonymous
2010-08-02 15:02:49
Hello suichiro

so many new breath control vids
pleas share with us

Thanks you are the great
80 Anonymous
2010-08-11 10:02:10
Where i can find this film? Thanks a lot!
81 Anonymous
2010-09-08 05:04:28
Thanks you are the best, best videos ever downloaded
82 Anonymous
2010-10-11 04:38:52
No doubt cocoa-soft stuff are great but those anyone has any ideas how to get hold onto stuff??

Especially this:
and :

these are great as well :D
83 Anonymous
2010-10-28 06:00:45

This is a copy of coma-011 from a yahoo groups — upload it?
84 Anonymous
2010-12-26 14:09:11
Hello suichiro

have you seen the new Vacuumbag vids?
pleas post it for us.

Thanks for your work
85 Anonymous
2011-01-04 03:21:18
Found one more for ya'll:

This file here is cosk-001d.divx but it is passworded and I wasn't able to go beyond the volume's table of contents:,g/cocoa-soft-Sticky.html

Also, here is someone else's torrent. It has many of the same files (a few under different *.??? extensions) but it does contain a few new ones it. Sadly, I couldn't download them because I don't have an account... bummer.
86 Anonymous
2011-01-16 00:10:02
The password to,g/cocoa-soft-Sticky.html is ramzamzam
87 Anonymous
2011-01-21 00:13:34
just came across this and i must thank you for the upload, and for the description. keep up the good work
88 Anonymous
2011-01-29 19:36:10
Thanks for these lovely vacuum breathplay videos. Cocoa are the best. Have anyone seen their newest cni-009 Breath Control video? I want to watch it so bad..
89 Anonymous
2011-03-06 13:34:48
Found cocoa soft mud lady 3
password: myworld

Preview pics:
90 Anonymous
2011-03-30 09:47:18
Someone,please tell me the download link of cmg-010.
91 Anonymous
2011-04-28 23:22:36
Any one have cobc-006d?
92 Anonymous
2011-05-21 21:56:06
Looking for cors-001 "rubb3r spray"
93 Anonymous
2011-05-24 23:56:53
Same for me, i waiting for "rubber sprsy".
94 Anonymous
2011-10-26 14:57:59
Anyone have links to more cocoasoft videos that aren't here?
95 Anonymous
2011-11-03 18:08:13
I think suichiro have play with a Vacuumbag.
He never came back.
96 Anonymous
2012-06-20 00:08:04
cors-001 "rubber spray". Having this would make my life.
97 Anonymous
2012-09-07 18:19:06
Rubber spray, look in the program emmule, I have this file and share through there.
98 Anonymous
2012-09-11 15:00:12
repost/seed please, I will seed it for a bit as well once downloaded assuming my proxy works properly. Also looking for
99 Anonymous
2012-10-07 18:17:32
Seed again please?
100 Anonymous
2012-10-18 05:08:38
101 Anonymous
2012-11-23 07:19:42
white eye please
102 Anonymous
2013-05-07 16:19:28
Looking for COBC 001 through COBC 005? Does anybody out there have them?
103 Anonymous
2013-09-27 11:10:49
I would like to see the Mud Lady 3
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