RT loli translations (expanded collection)
Description Here are all the stand-alone loli stories (not the full books) that Random Translator has translated for our reading pleasure starting in February 2005! This torrent expands upon the one I created in September, and uses the same folder name and zip file names, so you can resume the torrent if you have the earlier one. You can use a modern BT program to choose the zip files that you want. Even if you grab only some of the files please help me seed this torrent by uploading at least as many bytes as you take.

I'm using RT's format for presenting the titles of the stories:
[artist's name][title of book or magazine] title of story.

[Yanagawa Rio][Comic Mashou 2005-02] Cookie Girl
[Yanagawa Rio][Comic Mashou 2004-12] Video Time
[Meramera Jealousy][Immoral] How Old Are You Really?
[Gorgeous Takarada][Hinakan 06] Luscious Treat
[Yamamoto Kumoi][Marble Cake] The Lottery (+ Bonus Track)
[Michian Ruu][Girl To Love] Happy Present
[Yanagawa Rio][Kinjirareta Asobi] Nanachan's Bath
[Mac V][UBU12] Mayuka-chan XMAS
[Yanagawa Rio][Kinjirareta Asobi] An Angel's Temptation
[Yanagawa Rio][Kinjirareta Asobi] Naughty Poolside
[Hashida Mamoru][Comic Rin 2005-03] Let's Study
[Ebifly][Mainichi Ga Wonderland] Medicine Rub!
[Meramera Jealousy][Hinakan Hi 02] Breeding Diary
[Mizui Kaou][Comic Rin 2005-03] It's Dinnertime!
[Wanyan Aguda][Comic LO 10] 119 Or 110
[Bosshii][Comic Megastore H -- Hanjuku Syoujo Club pages] My Neighbour Yumi-chan
[Mizui Kaou][Comic Rin 2005-05] Unawakening Spring Slumber
[A Roman Gaman][Shoujo Zecchou Taiken] The Abandoned House
[unknown artist][unknown book] Sepia Flash
[Yamamoto Kumoi][Comic Rin 2005-03] Really Miko - God's Invisible Pocket Monster
[Yamamoto Kumoi][Hinakan Hi 04] Rari Rari Lunch
[FlavorGraphics] From Shinyokohama To Akihabara
[A Roman Gaman][Shoujo Zecchou Taiken] 10 Million Yen Dream
[Wanyan Aguda][Comic LO 07] Free Study On The Roof
[Kuro][Caramel Color] SWEET.s (This copy has the correct page order.)
[Naruko Hanaharu][Comic Kairakuten 2005-04] Dekoboko - Roughness
[T2 Art Works] After... - Nagisa Collection
[Yon-sama][Comic LO 8] 14 Years Old
[Naruko Hanaharu][Comic Kairakuten 2005-09] Try-Angle (This copy has the correct page order.)
[Yonekura Kengo][Warau Kangofu] Sister Sister
[Kio Seiji][Tokumei Shoujo] Rainbow-Colored Cinema
[Wanpaku][Akumako Akuma] Santa Claus Is A Shithead
[Yaya Hinata][Comic Megastore 2005-10] Handmade Cupnoodle
[Kasukabe Akira][Comic Muga 2004-07] A Fox's Wedding
[Yamamoto Kumoi][Comic Rin 2005-07] The Usual Play
[Mizui Kaou][Comic Rin 2005-07] Let's Review!
[Sekiya Asami][Comic Rin 2005-09] The Other Side Of The Wall
[Kageno Illyss][Petite] Memories
[Meramera Jealousy][Hinakan Hi 07] Foolish Girl
[Itou Ei][Himitsu No Kankei] How To Wake A Sleeping Princess
[Hashida Mamoru][Comic Rin 2005-06] Escape
[Kuro][Caramel Color] Minding The House
[Ponkotsu Works][Comic Muga 2005-12] Imouto Ikimasu! - Little Sister, Go!
[Keppi][Comic LO 01] Naughty Babies
Submitted by zuitl
Date Added Dec. 30, 2005
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VideoTime_e [loli translated].zip 4.5 MB
Unawakening_Spring_Slumber [loli translated].zip 3.3 MB
Try-Angle [loli translated correct-page-seq].zip 1.1 MB
The_Usual_Play [loli translated].zip 3.3 MB
The_Other_Side_Of_The_Wall [loli translated].zip 5.0 MB
The_Abandoned_House [loli translated].zip 3.4 MB
TheLottery [loli translated].zip 4.1 MB
Sister_Sister [loli-and-H translated].zip 5.6 MB
Sepia_Flash [loli translated].zip 1.3 MB
Santa_Claus_Is_A_Shithead [loli translated].zip 3.2 MB
SWEET.s [loli translated correct-page-seq].zip 6.4 MB
Really-Miko [loli translated].zip 1.8 MB
Rari-Rari-Lunch [loli translated].zip 2.7 MB
Rainbow-Colored_Cinema [loli translated].zip 3.0 MB
Naughty_Poolside [loli translated].zip 2.9 MB
Naughty_Babies [loli translated].zip 4.5 MB
Nanachans_Bath [loli translated].zip 2.7 MB
Minding_The_House [loli translated].zip 3.1 MB
Memories [loli translated].zip 1.0 MB
Medicine_Rub [loli translated].zip 1.7 MB
Mayuka-chan_XMAS [loli translated].zip 5.5 MB
Luscious_Treat [loli translated].zip 2.6 MB
Little_Sister_Go! [loli translated].zip 4.5 MB
Lets_Study [loli translated].zip 4.9 MB
Lets_Review [loli translated].zip 2.3 MB
How_To_Wake_A_Sleeping_Princess [loli translated].zip 2.9 MB
How_Old_Are_You_Really [loli translated].zip 4.4 MB
Happy_Present [loli shota translated].zip 1.8 MB
Handmade_Cupnoodle [loli translated].zip 5.0 MB
From-Shinyokohama-To-Akihabara [loli translated].zip 5.5 MB
Free-Study-On-The-Roof [loli translated].zip 3.6 MB
Foolish_Girl [loli translated].zip 2.7 MB
Escape [loli translated].zip 6.7 MB
Dinnertime [loli translated].zip 3.8 MB
Dekoboko-Roughness [loli translated].zip 1.3 MB
CookieGirl [loli translated].zip 3.6 MB
Breeding Diary [loli translated].zip 3.6 MB
Bosshii_Hanjuku-Syoujo-Club [loli translated].zip 824.6 KB
An_Angels_Temptation [loli translated].zip 3.6 MB
After [loli translated].zip 1.1 MB
A_Foxs_Wedding [loli translated].zip 842.6 KB
14-Years-Old [loli translated].zip 717.3 KB
119 or 110 [loli translated].zip 3.4 MB
10-Million-Yen-Dream [loli translated].zip 2.1 MB
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# Name Comment
1 zuitl
2006-03-29 22:05:46
Sorry guys, this torrent is still defective. Even with Token's help to remove the older torrent the "RT-loli-translations.torrent" file that this torrent delivers is my older, smaller one from September.
2 Anonymous
2006-03-29 22:05:46
i agree it ain't worth it. It's not what it says in the description. It has like 10 out what is one the list. It's not expanded.
3 Anonymous
2006-03-29 22:05:46
Glad to see you around zuitl !
I'm sure you'll be able to fix it in no time. I'm quite looking forward to this very nice looking torrent ;)
4 zuitl
2006-03-29 22:05:46
Now it's working! Token manually deleted the old .torrent file for me (with a little debugging that should happen automatically when deleting a torrent entry in deadfrog v3). I'm seeding the expanded/corrected torrent even as I write! :-)
5 Anonymous
2006-03-29 22:05:46
Ow Great I help share this too

Any body still have

Pure Girl[Kokekokko Koma - Junshin Shoujo]


Sun Shine Girl [Kokekokko Koma - Hidamari No Shoujo]

Eng Trans version please Share again

Thanks in Advance
6 Anonymous
2006-03-29 22:05:46
it looks like its working to me :)
141.92 MBs

but its saying 20 hours XD lol
7 zuitl
2006-03-29 22:05:46
It may not be obvious at first glance, but the most recent comment is the one on top. I believe deadfrog v3 will put them in the opposite order --oldest comment on top, newest on the bottom.
8 Anonymous
2006-03-29 22:05:46
Ouch XD

That I didnt know

This was my first Torrent directly from this site lol
9 Anonymous
2006-03-29 22:05:46
" It may not be obvious at first glance, but the most recent comment is the one on top. I believe deadfrog v3 will put them in the opposite order --oldest comment on top, newest on the bottom."

Yep, you can see for yourself here:
http://www.deadfrog.us/df3a4/index.php?act=entry&id=3628 :P:P:P
10 zuitl
2006-03-29 22:05:46
And... in case you havn't noticed, it looks like the comments got turned around in this version of deadfrog, too. This note is a newer than the ones I wrote above. Thank you guys for helping me keep this torrent so nicely seeded!
11 DaBusrider
2006-05-12 15:32:22
Posted 5/12/06 - Much thanks for uploading this torrent. However, I need assistance on how to share what I have of this torrent in Azureus. Usually, when I finish downloading a whole torrent, it automatically starts to share, but this time it doesn\'t. How do I share what I have? Thanks! :)
12 anonymous
2006-07-05 01:26:43
July 4th 2006
13 anonymous
2006-08-04 19:50:23
thx 4 the torrent
14 anonymous
2006-12-05 07:29:01
15 anonymous
2007-07-19 07:00:14
Somebody, seed! for the love of hentai!
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