Lolicon movies
Description Lolicon Angel, Shoyonoido Mako-chan - 1 & 2, Dream-colored Bunny, Little Monica 1 & 2 (English subs)
Submitted by DaBusrider
Date Added May 10, 2006
4.6/5 (5 votes)
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Size 1.1 GB
Files 6 files
Shoyonoido Mako-chan - Episode 02.avi 178.3 MB
Shoyonoido Mako-chan - Episode 01.avi 209.2 MB
Lolicon Angel.avi 132.4 MB
Dream-Colored Bunny.avi 162.3 MB
[HE]_Little_Monica_ep.2_(Unc-Sub).avi 210.9 MB
[HE]_Little_Monica_ep.1_(Unc-Sub).avi 210.7 MB
Downloads 21037
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1 Anonymous
2006-05-12 05:42:23
Well, I\'ve already seen Little Monica 1-2 It was very good. I didn\'t like Shoyonoido Mako-chan the first time I watched it so I won\'t download it again. and I\'ve never seen or heard of Dream-Colored Bunny, so that\'s the only thing I\'ll download.
2 Anonymous
2006-05-13 23:29:55
I only need Dream Coloured Bunny, can someone Torrent it single\'ly.
3 Anonymous
2006-05-16 08:00:14
Just wonder where i go for the codec.
4 Anonymous
2006-05-31 05:45:40
dream colored bunny is from Cream Lemon
5 fresh
2006-06-02 08:29:12
this is a multi-part torrent. if you use clients like utorrent, you can choose which files you want.
6 Anonymous
2006-06-04 02:19:01
this needs imouto jiru too.
7 tony
2006-06-10 17:49:25
anyone know where i can get more lolicon videos or where i can find out what titles are out there???
8 Anonymous
2006-07-02 21:25:14
a good anime codec & player, is the combined community codec pack, I did find it via google, \"c.c.c.p. codec pack\" strange name, but it plays all anime movies, keep on seeding anime ! anime is better than the shows on t.v. ;) have a nice day

9 anonymous
2006-07-03 21:17:48
anyone have english subs for dream colored bunny or any others besides little monica for those of us who cant speak japanese
10 eldgoat
2006-07-03 21:19:07
yes i would also like some english subs for those who dont have them already
11 eldgoat
2006-07-03 21:19:42
does anyone speak japaneese and can make some subs
12 eldgoat
2006-07-03 21:20:09
does anyone speak japaneese and can make some subs
13 tmurolo
2006-07-15 03:04:39
ummm i cant download it???
14 tmurolo
2006-07-15 03:21:07
ummm i cant download it???
15 anonymous
2006-07-22 12:17:55
VLC - All you need -
16 Nighthawk
2006-08-03 05:31:59
i need little monica too, but there is a subbed version of it somewhere.... does someone know where to find it?
17 Anonymous
2006-08-07 16:56:49
this is the subbed version
18 Anonymous
2006-08-13 16:16:25
I like more dream colored bunny. it looks old so its hard to find more. if anyone knows a round about loction ill come back to this to read if there is a reply. it maybe have allot of joying sex but i can tell its got a good story line. and i wanna see what that rape animal is gonna do. when they showed him at the end. lol
19 anonymous
2006-08-21 02:22:39
More seeders, please?
20 iggyhaxor
2006-09-05 00:34:57
21 Kizoku
2006-09-05 08:15:01
Nice collection. Video quality kinda blows on most of them (though I've seen worse), but it's surprisingly good on Little Monica.
22 anonymous
2006-09-21 04:00:18
anyone who can translate and post subs would be great

Anyways great movies. I dont recommend Makochan. Horrible graphics.
23 anonymous
2006-10-20 12:06:16
Isnt this stuff illigal?
24 anonymous
2006-10-31 10:15:57
Very very illegal. Quick, run and cover your eyes!
25 anonymous
2006-11-07 10:45:29
Umm yeah, anyone know where i can find lolicon videos in ENGLISH (English subs are fine)
26 anonymous
2006-12-12 14:47:23
27 Anonymous
2006-12-19 02:40:28
I know where but I won't tell you
28 Anonymous
2006-12-23 18:46:37
lolis movies free in DD
happy christmas
29 anonymous
2006-12-28 08:52:08
reseed pleeeease
30 anonymous
2007-01-01 01:27:36
plz re-seed
31 anonymous
2007-02-13 22:04:54
thanks : )
32 anonymous
2007-03-19 03:43:32
Thanks for the upload, all other torrents didn't work.
33 anonymous
2007-04-30 00:20:39
please re-seed...
34 anonymous
2007-05-24 19:55:19
Whats a codec? My player keeps on getting erros dling it before any of the movies start
35 anonymous
2007-07-14 18:39:45
If you don't know what a codec is just download VideoLan Client.
It's a very good video player that supports many formats.
36 anonymous
2007-08-05 13:10:24
I've seen Dream Colored Bunny. I had so much of a hard on it hurt.
37 anonymous
2007-08-11 22:05:54
38 anonymous
2007-08-21 00:07:19
zoomplayer is far better than vlc, esepcially for screenshots..and trust'll want them
39 anonymous
2007-09-03 17:06:10
Can you possibly seed this, please? I would really appreciate it. I leave my computer on all night, refreshing it for about 2 hours each afternoon. Please seed.. PLEASE! I'm stuuuuuck. >.<;
40 anonymous
2007-10-21 21:35:21
Sankyu, this satisfies my perverted needs... aww...

My verification code was *<U, wtf kind of code is that?
41 anonymous
2007-12-12 11:41:10
this is great, but can you upload some really hard core stuff? i remember watching a sample of a clip where it was about aliens invading a school a la body snatchers. do you know what im talking about?
42 anonymous
2008-03-07 19:43:08
Of course we do you sick fuck
43 jimnc
2008-03-28 03:13:12
Little Monica 1 & 2 is so epic that after downloading, I went looking for the DVD and bought it. Yes I had it for free, but money = votes, and I want to see more like it.
44 Anonymous
2009-10-23 07:53:23
i need more seeds please
45 Anonymous
2010-03-25 23:52:22
"And what are you doing in my bed?"
"I've been so lonely..."

'When a woman is lonely, she seeks comfort.'
- "So what does this mean, you wanna fuck or what?"
46 Anonymous
2010-09-09 03:08:03
more seeds/peers please?
47 Anonymous
2011-03-25 21:30:16
Little Monica is NOT lolicon, even though it looks like it. Read the case. It says they are all 18 years old. The animation is good, but you dont actually see a lot of genitals, or even the parts where Will blows his load. Overall, not worth your time or money, so dont download it. Just move on to another loli.
48 Anonymous
2012-05-15 19:38:09
Little Monica DOES have a lolicon scene in it... lolicon (for the connoisseur) is more about the look of the girl and not the stated age, honestly i'm suprised you even bother to take notice of the ages they claim. But you're right about Little Monica in one thing, all the good stuff happens off screen. You have to use your imagination for most of it. But you're not right about it being not worth downloading (if you can find the subbed version - which i had on disc some time ago but can no longer find) its a pretty good story. If you're just looking for it for lolicon then skip it.
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