Complete Enjeru collection
Description All enjeru volumes as said above.
Submitted by whoeverknows
Date Added Jan. 20, 2007
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Enjeru 09/enjeru_9_001.jpg 544.7 KB
Enjeru 09/[Hentai][manga][lolicon] Enjeru 9 (Tenma Comics).rar 93.9 MB
Enjeru 08/Enjeru 8 (Tenma Comics).rar 46.9 MB
Enjeru 08/angel8_001.jpg 525.7 KB
Enjeru 07/Enjeru_7_000.jpg 805.5 KB
Enjeru 07/07- Enjeru_7.rar 72.9 MB
Enjeru 06/Enjeru_6_000.jpg 246.2 KB
Enjeru 06/06- Enjeru 6.rar 54.1 MB
Enjeru 05/Enjeru_5_000.jpg 241.2 KB
Enjeru 05/05- [Anthology] Enjeru 5.rar 52.3 MB
Enjeru 04/touch000.jpg 564.6 KB
Enjeru 04/04- touch the angel.rar 51.6 MB
Enjeru 03/haihai001.jpg 714.4 KB
Enjeru 03/03- high high angel.rar 59.0 MB
Enjeru 02/anthology_-_enjeru_2_(angel)_-_001.jpg 518.9 KB
Enjeru 02/02- new_angel.rar 65.2 MB
Enjeru 01/anthology_-_enjeru_(angel)_-_000.jpg 105.4 KB
Enjeru 01/01- enjeru.rar 39.1 MB
enjeru - Angel the Origin vol.1/enjielTO01_000a.jpg 1.1 MB
enjeru - Angel the Origin vol.1/enjeru - Angel the Origin vol. 1.rar 63.1 MB
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# Name Comment
1 anonymous
2007-01-21 06:55:23
Pretty nice collection if to not includ the fact half of this is toddlercon
2 whoeverknows
2007-01-21 07:34:34
If you don't know the enjeru mangas are toddlercon you may have the wrong hobby.
3 yagami
2007-01-22 09:40:42
really really thx i cant find anyseeders for enjeru9 now i can download it thanks there isnt so much todd like this(i dont even find any other todd though...)again thx man
4 anonymous
2007-01-24 13:09:01
Yes Can you use a faster Dowmloader. this one is to slow. it takes 8hrs for a 30min video to download.
5 Anonymous
2007-01-24 13:27:13
It would be faster to zip file them. This download will take 4hrs 30min to download.
6 anonymous
2007-01-25 13:05:24
Im getting annoyed, i want UNCENSORED please, half the colour images in this are censored, as are most loli on this site, unless anyone can point me to some uncensored loli on here?
7 anonymous
2007-01-25 19:13:30
Most Loli/Toddlercon will forever be censored since it's illegal to uncensor any kind of porn in Japan. Uncensored stuff you'll find is *very* rare so it's just best for you to get used to it or stop looking for hentai now.
8 anonymous
2007-01-26 06:46:38
urgh..censoring..thats one bad thing about japan..probably the only bad thing..anyway..urgh..guess ill have to get used to it, but much of this stuff is MUCH more censored than other loli/todd ive seen around (i dl/ed a great set a few days ago, little or no censoring)
9 anonymous
2007-01-27 10:34:20
I love the enjeru series..It is wonderful. One of the best series I have seen. Does anyone know any other series that is mainly toddlerkon? Thanks for the seed.
10 Anonymous
2007-01-30 02:03:48
ew...todlers....13yr old Plus plz...
11 marvin
2007-02-03 14:45:40
Sorry, but i can not download this stuff.. or any other.
Maybe i don't understand how to..

Soo-o, could anyone explain me???
P.S.i'm sorry of my english.

from russia .. with love .... actually, a stupid one phrase.. // or should i have said silly?? <_<'
12 yagami
2007-02-11 10:17:51
uhh u need dl program like bitcomet bitlord etc first for it marvin if you still need a help give me your email ok
13 Anonymous
2007-02-12 13:53:27
Baby Fucking! Its always alright!!
I just wish that I could try out some of those positions IRL.
14 anonymous
2007-03-12 17:59:46
anyone know if this has been translated?
15 Anonymous
2007-04-29 15:00:28
I don't think so, I used to have it on another computer, but I had to reformat.
16 anonymous
2007-07-25 20:05:57
Burn it with fire!
17 anonymous
2007-08-17 10:26:05
marvin , tu sam otkuda budesh?adresok dat ne mogu ,potomu kak s chuzhogo uzla zahozhu
18 anonymous
2007-09-05 10:16:01
reseed plz
19 anonymous
2007-11-18 07:46:34
omfg i love you anon
20 anonymous
2007-11-21 18:03:34
Could someone seed for a bit? I'm stuck at 95.7% ^^"
21 anonymous
2007-12-27 01:47:06
I'm burning in hell for this one aren't I...
22 anonymous
2008-03-09 04:58:57
password enjeru 2 ?
23 Anonymous
2009-11-05 08:11:09
please reseed its urgent D:
24 Anonymous
2009-11-17 09:44:14
Great collection!
Unfortunately not translated.
25 Anonymous
2009-12-24 19:28:48
Omg, I have been looking for the whole collection since thats a hell of a lot easier then scouring the net for each one. Thanks so much!
26 Anonymous
2010-08-19 21:24:05
hooo domorariyato++
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